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US stock market aptitude assessment
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Day Trading Aptitude Assessment: Evaluating Your Market Readiness

Please complete all the below multiple choice questions

1. When faced with a high-pressure situation, do you:
2. In your personal or professional life, when presented with a high-risk, high-reward opportunity, do you:
3. If you were to face a significant financial setback, would you:
4. When it comes to completing tasks that require attention to detail, do you:
5. When dealing with ambiguous situations, do you:
6. When confronted with emotionally charged situations, are you more likely to:
7. When looking at complex information or data, do you:
8. In rapidly changing environments, do you:
9. Regarding your finances, do you prioritize:
10. When starting a new venture or hobby, do you:
11. After experiencing a loss in any aspect of life, is your first instinct to:
12. During a typical workday, are you more likely to:

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