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About Us

Proprietary Trading

Vortex Capital Group (VCG) is a proprietary trading firm that specializes in US online equity trading. Our goal since our establishment in 2011 is to provide traders with a neutral and fair trading environment. We believe that in order for traders to be successful, they must have access to the same information and opportunities as larger market players. This is why we offer a Direct Market Access (DMA) trading platform that ensures transparency and fairness, making us one of the leading online prop trading firms.

Furthermore, we understand that different traders have different strategies and requirements. This is why we provide a comprehensive range of routing options that can accommodate various strategies including dark pools, rebates, and market making. By providing institutional-grade technology and routing options, we strive to level the playing field, giving traders the necessary tools and information to achieve their goals.

Our team of traders, with diverse backgrounds, are united by a shared passion and commitment to achieving alpha returns. We believe in our approach to trading and our dedication to providing a fair and transparent trading environment where everyone can succeed.


Latest News

February, 5 2024 Added access to Virtu Financial smart route ECN

June, 22 2023 Added access to multiple Citadel and Instinet smart and algorithmic ECN routes


January, 23 2023 Added access to derivatives trading


March, 7 2022 Added access to MIAX and MEMX

October, 1 2021 Added the powerful JP Morgan smart/dark routes to our growing list of ECNs

February, 12 2021 Introducing Over-the-Counter (OTC) securities trading

​May, 4 2020 New ECN's added to our routing options to support direct market orders on both lit and dark pools

January, 7 2019  Added ability to locate HTB symbols directly from the DMA platform

February, 25 2016 An interview with Ivy Exec on the Prop Trading industry (click here)​

April, 2 2014  We are a proud participant of the WSJ student index competition  (click here)

December, 10 2013  An interview with on HFT effects on equities (click here)

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Trading Platforms &  Connectivity

Direct Market Access To Equities

The markets of today are highly advanced and constantly evolving, making it essential for traders to stay up-to-date with the latest technology in order to achieve consistent results. Vortex Capital Group recognizes this need and thus offers its traders Direct Market Access through a broker-neutral platform. Our platform grants access to multiple electronic communication networks (ECN) from which traders can choose from.

We pride ourselves on being ahead of our competition by providing locates for many hard-to-borrow symbols at competitive rates. Additionally, for traders who have developed and successfully tested a strategy, we can assist in setting up an Automated Trading System (ATS) which allows for efficient execution of the strategy.

DMA platform

DMA Platforms

Multiple award winning DMA platforms that are broker neutral with servers across the globe to ensure the lowest latency.

stock trading connectivity


Whether traders are using advanced API trading, FIX CTCI connections or simply point-and-click, we are able to establish and setup the required connection to data centers that will ensure superior connectivity.  Moreover, our ULL (Ultra Low Latency) news wire with major providers can give an edge to traders seeking to benefit from speed of execution.

high and mid frequency trading

Dark Pools

We offer some of the most sophisticated dark pools which include

  • Citadel

  • ATDark

  • Virtu Financial

  • SPDRDarkM

  • IEX

  • Delta

  • SpeedRoute

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Try A Free Demo Account  

We offer a free demo version of the trading platform for a 2-week period. Please complete the fields to try a free demo of our professional DMA trading platform.

Access will be for the full production  version with complete functionality and tools using a delayed data feed.

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Training at Vortex Capital Group

Trader Education & Training


The VRT2 training program, offered through our comprehensive trading manual, provides new traders with the opportunity to receive the same level of theoretical and practical training that is commonly provided at leading trading institutions. We highly recommend that new traders utilize the training materials and techniques outlined in our manual within a simulated trading environment before transitioning to live trading. This approach will allow traders to gain a deeper understanding of the market, and the strategies outlined in the manual, in a controlled environment before taking on the risks of live trading.


The trader training program offered by our firm includes comprehensive instruction on various topics, including:

  • Market theory and its application to trading

  • Industry-specific terminology and jargon

  • Analysis of Level II and Time & Sales data

  • Order routing and execution strategies

  • Chart reading and technical analysis

  • Identification of patterns and trends in the market

  • Development of effective trading strategies for various market conditions

  • The psychological aspect of trading and management of emotions

  • Creation of a personalized trading plan


Our training manual is divided into two parts:


Part I: The initial training focuses on the essential skills and knowledge required for new traders to succeed in the industry.


Part II: The second portion of the training program provides a detailed guide on the trading strategies utilized by institutional traders, as well as assistance in the creation and implementation of custom algorithms.

"Study the past if you want to define the future."

- Alexander Elder, Trader and Author

Efficient day trading relies on in-depth statistical analysis. This streamlined dashboard embodies that principle, combining classic metrics with unconventional data for deeper market insights. By presenting vital indicators like 10-day rolling volatility and a comparison of up versus down days for the current month, it can reveal trends and anomalies that standard tools might miss. This is just a glimpse into the comprehensive toolkit we encourage traders to use, equipping them with a unique perspective to navigate complex markets.

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Partner Services

Many of our traders use different tools for trading and gaining an edge over market participants. Our traders found that Trade Ideas along with its AI real time scanner have benefited them the most. With low latency and advanced filters we expect any trader to improve their performance using Trade Ideas.

Bookmap is a cloud based software that accurately shows the entire market liquidity and trading activities using level II data and transaction volumes. 

How can Bookmap help traders?

- Easily identify liquidity levels and patterns

- Observe market participants intentions (HFT, Iceberg orders..etc)

- Accurately locate support/resistance levels 

- In-depth data visualization

- Watch past liquidity

- Unique analytical indicators

Tradervue is a powerful trading journal and analysis platform designed to help traders make better decisions. It offers in-depth analysis tools to uncover your trading strengths and weaknesses, customizable reports for tailored insights, and performance tracking to optimize your strategy for increased profits.

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If you are an experienced trader or group interested in trading equities, please provide us with the information below.

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