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 Vortex Capital Group Day Trading with vrt2


You can purchase our VRT2 trading manual which covers important topics and skills required from all our traders

Topics included:

- Prop trading strategies 

- Dark pool usage

- Traders psychology

The price for the trading manual is $14.95 - PDF format

The second part of our training includes a step-by-step guide on trading strategies used by institutional traders and assistance in developing and executing custom algorithms

The first part of our training manual revolves around the most crucial skill sets a new trader requires to become successful

The training program offered through our VRT2 trading manual will allow new traders to walk through the same theory and practical training that is offered at top tier trading institutions. We encourage new traders to incorporate the training materials and techniques from our manual into a simulated trading environment before going live

Trader training includes such topics as
- Market theory
- Trading terminology
- Level II and Time & Sales study (i.e. reading the tape)
- Order routing
- Basic chart reading skills
- Trading strategies in various trends
- Trader psychology
- Creating a Trading Plan

Training Program