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Vortex Capital Group Direct Market Access To THE Stock Market

Multiple award winning DMA platforms that are broker neutral with servers across the globe to ensure the lowest latency

Sterling Trader Pro




DMA Platforms

Today's markets are more technologically advanced than any other time and require traders to be on the cutting edge to be able to achieve consistent results. Vortex Capital Group provides direct market access with a broker neutral platform along with dozens of ECN's to choose from. In addition, we are above our competition with locates for many HTB symbols with competitive rates. Finally, we can assist any trader setup their own ATS based on a successfully tested strategy.


Whether traders are using advanced API trading, FIX CTCI connections or simply point-and-click, we are able to establish and setup the required connection to data centers that will ensure superior connectivity.  Moreover, our ULL (Ultra Low Latency) news wire with major providers can give an edge to traders seeking to benefit from speed of execution.