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April, 7 2015  Vortex Capital Group to develop its proprietary Black Box trading system

January, 2 2015  Vortex Capital Group adopts the state of the art DMA platform Trader Workstation (TWS)

December, 1 2014  Added access to OTC markets with the ability to use different market makers

April, 2 2014  We are a proud participant of the WSJ student index competition  (click here)

December, 10 2013  An interview with Advisor.ca on HFT effects on equities (click here)

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Our traders come from different backgrounds but all share a commitment and passion to achieving alpha returns.

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Vortex Capital Group (VCG) is a proprietary trading firm with a principal focus on global equities and futures trading. Established in early 2011, VCG's purpose is to develop trading strategies that take advantage of different market anomalies. Trading is facilitated at an institutional level (Direct Market Access) boasted by a state of the art trading platform which ensures our  execution with extreme accuracy and speed.